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Requirements to join DBG

on Sat Dec 09, 2017 7:57 am
Below is a list of compulsory requirements in order to be accepted into DBG.

-Must live in Australia / New Zealand
     -This way all of our members are able to be on at the same time and actively play together
-Must be 16+ years old
     -All of our members are 16+ years old to keep the Clan fairly mature and capable of being on more often
-Must have a microphone
     -Whats the point in being in a Clan if you cannot communicate with them when playing
-Must install Discord on your PC / Mobile
     -This is our app/program that we use to talk among members
-Must attempt to attend Sunday Squad Practices
-Every Sunday at 4-6pm AEST, all squads play together in official training that Squad Leaders & Assistants run
-Must visit the forum / talk on the discord as often as possible
     -Division Leaders keep track of members activity on the forum and remove members who have not visited in at least 7 days without reason
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